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VIC20 – 1980
C64C – 1986
Amiga 500 – 1987
Amiga 600 – 1992
Amiga 2000 – 1987
Amiga 2000 – 1987
Commodore 386sx25 desktop

The Commodore 386SX-25 is a computer system with a separate keyboard, internal power supply, disk drive and a motherboard. On the motherboard you will find RAM, ROM, ISA, a AMD 386SX/SXL-25 processor and a Cyrix FasMath CX83S87-25-JP co-processor.
The 386SX-25 is a IBM compatible PC from Commodore. The 386SX-25 is a office computer. This 386SX-25 has a 81 Mbyte internal hard disk and 4 Mbyte of extra RAM memory.
Processor: AMD 386SX/SXL-25, Cyrix FasMath CX83S87-25-JP
Processor frequency: 25 Mhz
Memory: 4 Mbyte RAM, 64 kbyte ROM
Graphics: VGA
Sound: Bliep
Connections: Keyboard, Mouse, Parallelport, Com1, Com2, VGA, 5 x ISA.
Dimensions: 400 x 410 x 110 mm



Accessories / peripherals

Datassette 1530 – 1978
Datassette 1530 – 1978
Floppy Disk Drive 1541 – 1982
Floppy Disk Drive 1541-II – 1988
Mouse 1351 Commodore – 1983
Mouse 327 124 Amiga autographed by Petro T. Tyschtschenko Facebook Instagram
Mouse 327 124 Amiga
Amiga 501 with 512 KB RAM and real-time clock
A6095 9.5MB FAST RAM Memory Expansion for Amiga 600 by Retro Ready One
Amiga external drive adapter cable for 3.5″ PC floppy + Gotek HxC simultaneously by ikonsgr74
Gotek 3,5″ USB floppy emulator with OLED display, rotary selector and buzzer which emulates floppy drive sound by
ADF-Drive/Copy by Nicks Labor
XU1541 Interface by Retronics Facebook Instagram
MP32C64 player/recorder commodore datassette emulator by KOPSEC
Seikosha Sp-180VC Impact Printer for Commodore C64

VIC20 Cassette

VIC20 Floppy Disk

C64 Cassette

Advanced Basketball Simulator
Agent X II
Batman: The Caped Crusader
Battle Ships
BMX Simulator
Bomb Jack
California Games
Crack Down
Crazy Cars
Crossfire: Atlantis
Daley Thompsons: Decathlon
Finders Keepers
Magicland Dizzy
Maniac Miner
Quattro Arcade: Advanced Pinball Simulator, Fruit Machine Simulator, Grand Pix 2, Poltergeist
Quattro Fantastic: Fruit Machine, Monté Carlo Casino, Pub Trivia, Wacky Darts
QS A Question of Sport
Rigel’s Revenge
Ruff and Reddy: In The Space Adventure
Street Hassle
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Turbo Boat Simulator

C64 Floppy Disk

Planet X 2.1

C64 Cartridge

Planet X 2.1
Diag64cart Commodore C64 Diagnostic Dead Test Cartridge